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Every community needs a voice...

We focus on public health issues in Asia Pacific through listening to patients, their caregivers and, if required, connecting to policymakers to uncover deep insights and knowledge to identify the areas of improvement needed to elevate public health conditions in the society.

The Voices Project: Our Values


This initiative will be broken down by themes to accompany new emerging findings that serve key attributes of public health issues, thus ensuring the relevance of our content for all stakeholders.


The work will be renowned for its rigour and transparency, making expert curation, insights and research an authoritative resource to initiate a dialogue and generate wide stakeholder followership.


We will facilitate constructive engagement amongst key representatives of the public health issues: survivors, clinical and patient.


This initiative will focus on delivering actionable insights to for both the short-term and long-term making it a living entity that evolves over time.

The Voices Project: Our Guiding Principles

  • Bring together a diversity of stakeholders from a range of disciplines and geographies.
  • Work with foundation partners and build on existing work from international organizations, agencies and networks to ensure a productive interface.
  • Ensure an outreach strategy that leverages peer-peer review, publishing of consensus and manuscripts that reach at the global, regional and national levels.

Empowering Voices of patients in Asia Pacific and bring their issues into the light

Our Chapters

Mental Health & Asian Youth

Health Tech Chapter

Addiction Chapter

Cancer Chapter

Nutrition Chapter